Join the conversation with John Byrne (Executive Vice President of AML RightSource), Andrea Hall (Policy Counsel for the Charity and Securities Network), Tess Davis (Executive Director for the Antiquities Coalition), and Sara Crowe (Strategic Initiatives Director, Financial Systems for Polaris) as they discusses experiences and opportunities within the NGO and NPO space, as well as answer questions like:

    • What was your entry path into the NGO space? Have you spent your entire career in the NGO space? Do you think this has made a difference in your success?
    • What barriers have you encountered in your career journey? Do you think they are unique to the NGO space?
    • Can you identify a mentor, advocate or champion who has helped you on your career journey?
    • How did they help you?
    • What was a turning point in your career that enabled success?
    • What one action that you took do you view as critical to your success?

There's opportunity in every field, but what makes the NGO/NPO landscape attractive? Click play and find out!


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